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For most of this season, the Mets’ bubbly Jose Reyes was the team’s most aggressive celebrant—ask outfielder Shawn Green who led the pummeling at home plate after Green hit a mid-season game winner. But it was in the dugout where Reyes starred as the team’s showiest of show-business men. Watching him with slugger Carlos Delgado after a sweet play, and you’d see the kind of slap-happiness that would have made Johnny Otis (he of the ’57 hit “Willie and the Hand Jive”) proud. Old-school types decried that complex maneuver of hand slaps and butt bumps, and opposing teams grumbled when Reyes and flashy outfielder Lastings Milledge regularly violated baseball etiquette by whooping it up before they even got into the dugout. Oh, did those chickens come home to roost. Not only to roost but shit all over the Mets’ fans. All that slap-happiness dissolved when the Mets staged the biggest collapse in baseball history and missed the playoffs. Who got slapped around at the end? Gimme five. Yeah, right.