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Best leisurely summertime walk


When all your friends are trekking three hours to their overpriced summertime shares in the Hamptons, and it’s 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity here, cool off by walking near the water off the Hudson River. Starting at either West 14th Street or West Fourth Street, the West Side Highway path (officially known as the Hudson River Park), which stretches from West 54th Street to Battery Park, is a leisurely way to spend the afternoon. As you wind your way down the five-mile stretch, you’ll start to feel very far away from New York City. You can watch skaters do ollies at Pier 26, people batting balls at Pier 40 near Houston Street, or, if you’re around on Wednesday night, you can watch a flick outdoors at Pier 54 (near 14th Street.) Or walk all the way down and make like a tourist (or a commuter) and catch the Staten Island Ferry around sunset to see the Statue of Liberty up close.