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Best Neighborhood To See a Real Soprano


Before I start, let me state that despite my last name, I am Italian and proud. Let me go on to say that by soprano, I am talking about neither opera singers nor gangsters per se, but rather that colorful class of my people that all America (with the exception of a few politicians and college professors, whose names end in a vowel) is in love with. Well, if HBO costs too much, and you’re dying to get a great cannoli or hear the phrase “fuggettabowdit,” come to BENSONHURST, BROOKLYN. But, if you want to see a real, or should I say reel, soprano, come to Bay Ridge’s SOUP AS ART restaurant, where owner-actor Joey Gannascoli welcomed fellow cast mates to weekly appearances throughout the summer. 8321 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, 718-680-3334