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Best non-contact sport


Foosball is for frat boys, darts for sociopaths, pool for budding criminals. For a far preferable, (slightly) physical, and decidedly coed-friendly bar distraction, avail yourself of the bocce-ball empire at Floyd, NY, a stylish Atlantic Avenue haunt in Brooklyn Heights that offers both live, televised English Premiership football and live, in-house bocce ball, care of a lovingly crafted clay court that provides hours of entertainment and gentle competition. (It’s a sort of bowling/shuffleboard hybrid, don’t worry, someone there will teach you.) It’s easy to learn, difficult to master, and still possible to enjoy and play competently while (slightly) inebriated, preferably via one of Floyd’s many fine bourbons. And most importantly, should you join the league, you will have the opportunity to come up with some hilarious bocce pun for your team name, such as Hibocce or Joanie Loves Bocce. Everyone loves a good pun.