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Best Pharmacy New York Lost to Semi-Extinction


Where is the LOVE, man? With up to 26 locations, Love used to be on every street corner in New York, flooding the city with magical, positive vibes. The name made something as commonplace as going to the pharmacy seem like Fate, like burning incense, like seeing a psychic. Yes, pre-1999 Pharmacyland was all whimsy. The hardest thug, the most jaded cynic? They were all there. But with only three locations remaining, there isn’t the same ubiquitous positivity anymore. Boring ol’ Rite Aid and Duane Reade really suck by comparison, connoting such things as Q-tips and Kleenex. 237 First Avenue, 614-1644; 144 West 72nd Street, 262-3232; 1488 Third Avenue, 737-5050.