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Best place to get your hands dirty


After work, slap on an apron and connect with your inner child, the one that used to dig holes in the backyard and cook up a mud pie. Greenwich House Pottery has garbage cans full of the stuff, only there they call it clay. The pottery studio has been an institution in the West Village since 1909, offering sculpture and wheel courses for amateur artists and professional sculptors. Enrolled students get free studio time, access to the kilns, glazes, and—best of all—as much mud as they can handle. And if you get real creative, you might even be able to sell your finished works at Greenwich’s annual sales—nothing wrong with supplementing the monthly salary. In a way, pottery is better than making mud pies: Even if your pieces come out vomit-colored (you never know how your glazes will oxidize), friends actually prefer them as gifts, and they’re dishwasher-friendly.