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In 2000, Liza Elliott-Ramirez was determined not to let pregnancy stop her modeling career (even doing a shoot on her due date) and decided to give the same opportunity to her sistren, opening Expecting Models later that year. Since then, she’s opened a second office in L.A., corralled clients like the Gap, Bloomingdale’s, and Target, and maintains a group of 200 professional models in her company. That’s not even mentioning the Runway Moms show that she hosts and produces for Discovery Health Channel. As serious as she is about her role as president/founder/owner of EM, she’s also serious about the well-being of her workforce, maintaining constantly updated information about their doctors, OB-GYNs, and personal contacts to call when their babies are ready to make their debut. As ambitious as some of her models are, she demands that they don’t push themselves if their doctors have prescribed bed rest or have given them other strict orders. When a model went into labor on the morning of a shoot, Elliott-Ramirez already had a back-up ready to fill in. Now a mother of two, she feels as if she’s on a mission, explaining: “I love making a difference for women in the world and how they’re portrayed.”