Best place to stalk other people’s puppies


The Dog Run in Tompkins Square Park has something for everyone: itty, bitty baby Chihuahaus who can barely stand on their widdle paws; big, rowdy pit bulls and German shepherds who roughhouse for hours; and lumbering, heavy-breathing bulldogs who just want some lovin’. The Tompkins Square run was the very first dog run opened in New York and so is called “First Run.” Entirely community-funded, it’s the king of all dog runs, with two areas (for dogs under and over 23 pounds). Because of its size and the pure cuteness factor of its inhabitants, not to mention the numerous annual dog parades (including the Halloween parade and the dog prom), there’s always a crowd of oglers circling the dog run—and since you can’t get in without a puppy, you must gaze from afar. (Rule No. 1 is: “No dogs without people. No people without dogs.”)