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Best public hairpiece on a sports announcer


We’re past the point of wondering how many polyesters had to die so that some poor worker in another country could make a hairpiece for Marv Albert. Nearly a decade after his sports-casting career was torpedoed by his penchant not only for panties and garter belts but for criminally rough sex, the man is back to doing what he does best with his mouth: play-by-play announcing of sporting events. The guy had a glorious, long career with the Knicks, starting as a ball boy and then being trained by great announcer Marty Glickman. Albert developed a shtick— “Yesss!”—but his true value lies in his accuracy, his sense of humor and perspective, and his willingness to not only amiably share his mic with color analysts but also make them sound good. Turn the picture off and you can follow the game, thanks to Albert. But a sex scandal in the late ’90s, culminating in his pleading guilty to biting a sex partner, ruined Albert’s Knick career. Because he’s so good, he revived his national sportscasting gig, and now, still unquestionably the best basketball announcer (and still the owner of some of the world’s most obvious and awkward hairpieces), Albert plies his trade locally for the New Jersey (soon to be Brooklyn) Nets. Yet another loss for the Knicks. Toupee, Dolans!