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Best Sound System for Sale


Despite Twilo’s vigil, the only thing we’re crying for is the loss of its amazing, immaculate sound system. So good was Twilo’s PHAZON that jocks Sasha and Digweed would frequently leave their posts mid-set and run to the middle of the floor to hear their favorite record play properly. Though U.K. clubs’ systems might rival Twilo’s, in New York and the rest of the country, the system was second to none, with clear high-and mid-range levels, and bass bins that would rumble your insides but, miraculously, would do no damage to your eardrums. The system’s illustrious status reached fever pitch near the end, with flyers hyping the Phazon as much as headlining DJs. Those wishing to replicate a Twilo moment could recently purchase the much-vaunted system for their home on eBay (asking price: $75G), thereby pissing off neighbors, but the auction’s off, for now.