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Country Legend Dishes Dead Husband!


There’s something about old-time show biz legends. They’re way wiser, more open, and more appealingly self-deprecating than the new kids. And they’re much easier to get on the phone! In this week’s column, I chat with country’s own Loretta Lynn, fresh off the Songwriters Hall of Fame’s decision to make her an esteemed honoree, along with some other people she hadn’t quite heard of. The coal miner’s daughter was wonderfully accessible and super sweet, telling me to rush her at the Hall of Fame event and give her a great, big country hello. (I got scared and stayed home, actually, but I might give her another butcher holler on the phone someday.) She also told me her biggest songwriting influence was her late husband! Because he fucked her over so much!

The column also covers recent cultural events like the Mr. Black reopening, the latest Broadway Bares unveiling, Mario Lopez‘s underwear mishap, and Carol Burnett‘s newest mouthings off, emitted to a room of quirky casino dwellers. Now, honestly, can you afford to miss all this and still be seen in public?