Jay Rayner Goes Vegan (For a Week)


There’s nothing more fun than reading British restaurant reviews. They use words like “tiddly” and they do negativity with unmatched glee. Here’s what The Observer’s Jay Rayner recently wrote about a high-end vegan restaurant:

I am glad that vegans now have somewhere funky to go. Then again, I’m also glad fully grown men who like to wear nappies and pretend to be babies have clubs they can go to indulge their desires, too. It doesn’t mean I want to be a member.

But this week, Rayner’s column is an experiment in empathy for the dark side—he goes vegan for a week. Why? “Morris dancing and incest aside, it’s hard to criticise something unless you’ve tried it.” The story is hilarious; check it out here.

A highlight:

Until that moment it hadn’t occurred to me that honey was forbidden in the vegan diet. After all, honey doesn’t come pouring out of the tiddly bee’s honey duct, does it? It is manufactured outside their delightful stripy bodies. But it belongs to the bee so it can’t be used. After all we like the bee. We do not steal from the bee.