Juan Maclean + Moby at Santos Party House




Santos Party House got itself going with May’s residencies by James Murphy and Nicky Siano; fellow DFA punk rocker-turned disc-jocker Juan Maclean gets in on the action now. Already flooding floors with serotonin courtesy of his epic “Happy House” single, Maclean is liable to dose the crowd with classic acid or neo-disco (or perhaps some “happy hardcore”) for his DJ set. Pairing the widebody Maclean with the teeny Moby might make for some cute-and-bald Mutt and Jeff comparisons, but the pairing works, in that Moby himself was an angsty punk turned x-static DJ. He just did it a decade before Murphy, Maclean, Mike Simonetti, or any other ex-hardcore kids. Maybe DFA will soon make shitty electronica for hotel chains? — ANDY BETA.

10 p.m., $10. Santos Party House, 100 Lafayette St., 212-714-4646,