Figment 2008: A Free Participatory Art Festival


Photo by Heather White

After transforming Governor’s Island into an artistic collaboration between 3,000 participants last summer, the people behind Figment 2008 expect to triple the action with three days of participatory art, by famous and amateur artists alike, this weekend.

“Just the energy of all of this creativity coming together is mind-blowing,” said volunteer Rosemary Siciliano. “It is very exciting. You don’t know how anything is going to turn out, so you don’t know who will come or what they’ll do.”

The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs sponsors the fair, and two local arts non-profits, the Action Arts League and the Pure Project are producing it.

This year more than 300 volunteers and participants hope to transform the former military base into an artistic wonderland—and they’re planning for more than 10,000 participants this time. There will be dance lessons, acrobatics, games, and much more. David Koren, the festival’s founder, hopes it will combine the energy of a Burning Man-type festival with the New York’s art scene.