Today’s YouTube Gem: Diana Ross and the Supreme Stevie


The great Diana Ross recorded “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” with the Temptations, but on a Hollywood Palace show done circa 1969, she performed it with another Motown legend, Stevie Wonder, making for a relaxed yet exciting combo complete with a lovely improvisational-sounding coda and some nice accessories. In the clip, Diana is stick-thin and wearing an Afro wig and a Judy Garland-like metallic pants suit, while Stevie is as seductively casual and devoid of artifice as always. In other words, my lady Diana is all fabulous affect while Stevie is the real thing—and together, their yin/yang act thrills me much more than Diana and Lionel’s later did. (And don1t even get me started on Diana and Julio.) So bring on these two iconic talents at their most antithetical yet harmonic.