Gay Pride Was Our Umbrella Ella Ella…


I love gay pride weekend because the borough is suddenly overcome with fresh-faced out-of-towners and it’s the only time you get to see stuff like gays with mullets! Alas, the rains came down on Saturday night’s Dyke parade, leading to much wet flannel–though a brave female-to-male still paraded his chest around the streets, scars and all. It poured once again on yesterday’s gay pride parade–does God feel we need to be reminded of oppression so we won’t start taking our progress for granted?–but not until TV’s own TS, Candis Cayne, had ridden by as our glamorous grand marshall. Am I the only one who remembers Candis as the gawky cigarette boy at the Roxy, selling gawky cigarettes? Anyway, once the rains came, you haven’t seen so many screaming queens since Judy Garland lost the Oscar. But then it subsided for a while and out came hundreds more gogo boys in Speedos–the de rigueur way any gay organization chose to advertise itself all day. The worst float? Delta Airlines! It was a cheap looking van with cheap looking people! Sisters, I urge you to fly any other airline or you’re supporting terrible taste!