Heath Ledger as the Joker and Gay Pride: Today’s Other Tabloid Stories


It’s Monday, and to ease you into this four-day (or shorter) workweek, here are a few highlights in today’s tabloids.

First of all, I have to give kudos to the New York Post for their Heath Ledger The Dark Knight story. I didn’t actually read Sara Stewart’s piece on Ledger’s performance, thanks to the big ol’ spoiler alert in the first paragraph. I wish I could take credit for this after ranting about the Post ruining the plot of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull without warning, but I’m not that egotistical. From the headlines, however, I can glean that Ledger gives what appears to be an Oscar-worthy performance as the Joker.

Both papers cover yesterday’s gay pride parade (formal title: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Parade), albeit to different degrees. The Daily News puts its story on page 4, while the Post relegates its coverage to page 21. Yesterday’s parade was historic, as Gov. David Paterson became the first governor to walk in the procession. Paterson marched despite the advice from doctors that he shouldn’t. The governor had undergone eye surgery the day before.

The News focuses on the history of the event in its coverage, noting that this year marks the 30th anniversary of the rainbow flag. (Did you know that it used to also feature the colors hot pink and turquoise?) The Post concentrates on describing the “array of sexual subcultures” marching in the parade, “from Gay Peruvians in Inca headdresses to butch-femme lesbians, to big, hairy men, called ‘bears,’ flaunting their paunches.” After this paragraph, the Post notes that both Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Charles Schumer also marched. How’s that for a bizarre juxtaposition?

Also marching was City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is openly gay and told the paper that despite the recent ruling legalizing gay marriage in California, she will not be tying the knot with her partner in another state. “When I get married,” she said, “I want to get married in my hometown.”

Other items to check out in today’s papers:

The Post reports on two “day-to-day” outrages today: the delay of subway trains by people holding the doors and cheapskates who are stiffing bartenders on their tips, supposedly because of the declining economy.

The Daily News highlights Mets manager Jerry Manuel’s assertion that New York City prefers the Yankees to the Mets on the front page. This is bound to spark plenty of debate in bars where people may not be tipping well.