Two More Diana Ross YouTube Gems!


Bobby Darin and the Soops

I have a stunning confession to make: I found out about Rodgers and Hart because of the Supremes! In the ’60s, the Motown trio did a theme album commemorating the songs of that esteemed theater duo, along with novelty LPs dedicated to country, Liverpool, and Sam Cooke. In fact, the Supremes were my introduction to virtually everything! So now, courtesy of a reader, comes a clip of the Soops duetting with creepy Bobby Darin on an R&H classic. Notice how lovely Diana is—and also how BRITISH she is! (Her elocution lessons really paid off. She sounds way more Buckingham Palace than Brewster Projects.) Also notice that Flo Ballard—the one who was supposed to be so fat and ungainly that she was the model for Effie in Dreamgirls—is basically a twig! Funny how the memory plays tricks…

As a bonus, the same reader also sent a clip of Diana and the gals mixing it up with the Temptations on “Rhythm of Life,” a candy-colored funkadelic number from Sweet Charity. Oh yeah, they exposed me to Broadway too! Thank you, Diana! You taught me musical genres, diction, love, and how to coordinate outfits!