The City’s First Addicts’ Center


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April 8, 1959, Vol. IV, No. 24

City’s First Addicts’ Center

Greenwich Village may take the lead in establishing New York’s first community-sponsored rehabilitation center for drug addicts. The suggestion was put forward by Edwin Fancher, chairman of the Greenwich Village Association’s narcotics committee and publisher of The Village Voice, at a meeting of the association last Tuesday evening.

“We think it’s time for the Village to set aside some place where the addict can go for help when he gets out of jail,” Mr. Fancher told the meeting. “We are not offering a panacea, but a small stop-gap that might be of some help to the growing number of addicts in our community.” He asked for aid in the form of ideas, work, and money form Greenwich Village residents.

Mr. Fancher also told of how the New York Neighborhoods Council on Narcotics Addiction, of which he is chairman, “has been attempting to get some kind of detoxification facilities for addicts to prevent the barbaric cold-turkey treatment.”

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