With names like Scrappers, Snaggs, and Le Merde, you might get the impression that mods from the U.K. were taking over the East Village. Actually, these three silly-named folks are artists from the Pacific Northwest, and they’re showing off their cute side with Mossy & Glossy, a group exhibition at Giant Robot Gallery. Scrappers, a Portland native, is more of a “Bob the Builder” sort of artist, painting loggers, beards, and loggers with beards on salvaged wood. Snaggs (from Seattle) and Le Merde (from Portland) create more sensitive yet mischievous characters, like a felt monster named Bikini Bandito who’s a bikini-top stealer, and an assortment of frightened, loony-eyed, rainbow-colored critters. Cute, right?

July 6-16, noon, 2008

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