The Japanese rock trio Boris released Smile, their 15th-or-so full- length, in May. Fitting for such a schizophrenic outfit—on the band’s résumé are collaborations with both Merzbow, the don of Japanese noise music, and Michio Kurihara, one of the country’s most woozy psych guitarists—the record came in a couple of different versions; no two songs sounded anything alike on either one. At their best, Boris are as propulsive as vintage Motörhead; often, however, they sound like the dudes in Guitar Center who cannot be persuaded to stop soloing. Torche, the Florida-based metal act who open here, have no such problem: Their latest, the awesomely -titled Meanderthal, is a study in economy. They’ve been stoner rock’s most reliably melodic songwriters since the dissolution of their last band, Floor, and they have, crucially, what Boris don’t: a sense of humor. With Wolves in the Throne Room.

Thu., July 10, 7 p.m., 2008