I Try On Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels


Click here to read my interview with Kiss legend Gene Simmons about his new book on prostitution (which he wrote without ever having used a whore—much as I once did an article about Staten Island without having been there. PS: I went there since and everything I wrote turned out to be true.). Things were potentially dicey at first when I asked Gene to speak slowly because my hand was hurt and he said, “So you’re only going to get down the ESSENCE of what I’m saying?” And when I asked him a biographical question, he semi-frostily replied that I could go to his website and find the info in one of the bios there.

But you know what? The man was compassionate enough to speak very slowly and clearly and I didn’t miss a freakin’ word! And he was so right about the website—all that detaily stuff was contained right there in crystal clarity! Besides, the man admits to being a tad arrogant—after all, that’s his big shtick. The main thing, though, is that I liked him a whole lot more than I expected. And I’m not even a whore! Per se!

This Week’s La Dolce Musto: Gene Simmons and The Whores He Admires