Kimya Dawson Tonight at the Music Hall of Williamsburg


Kimya Dawson, “Loose Lips” (MP3)

The venue’s bigger (thanks, Juno!), and the crowd will likely skew younger, but let no one forget that Kimya Dawson was a local long before she helped make Diablo Cody famous. She is apparently unchanged by all the attention—her plans for a new, market-resistant suite of children’s songs, entitled Alphabutt, continue apace—and reportedly still ends most shows, no matter how large, with an audience-wide group hug. A pact with fellow Moldy Peach Adam Green to not play the duo’s old songs is mostly honored, so no “Anyone Else,” unless, of course, Green shows up—which he might. More likely, though, things will tilt toward the PG—expect a set appropriate for Panda Delilah, Dawson’s two-year-old and newest tour mate. With Paleface, Levy, and Graham Wilkinson & the Underground Township. — ZACH BARON

9 p.m., $20. Music Hall of Williamsburg, 66 N 6th St., Brooklyn, 718-486-5400. Tickets still available here.

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