Our Man Sietsema and the Makanek


Our Man enjoys puns. Maybe you’ve noticed this. In an Our Man column, you are almost guaranteed at least one pun. This week, he’s cruising over the Queensboro bridge and taking illegal left turns (gasp!) to get to a Lebanese barbecue joint, Cedars.

And Our Man crowns it a great find (he was tipped off my someone named Gerard, who periodically sends him envelopes stuffed with take-out menus). There are great savory pies and breads, or sandwiches stuffed with good things like fried cauliflower or fried eggplant. But the real draw is the array of grilled meats.

There are long ground-beef kufta kebabs shining moistly on their swords, which give them the air of medieval armaments that have just been removed from tender flesh. Regular kufta comes ramified with parsley and onions, which complement the smoky flavor.

And then there is the Makanek sausage, made of lamb and red wine. And if you don’t like it, Our Man reminds us, we can always get it to fix our car. Bum dum bum.