Bisexual performance artist Neal Medlyn has described his life’s journey as “dubious, occasionally embarrassing, obscured.” So it’s no huge wonder that this sexually angst-ridden guy—who has not only entertained us with The Lionel Richie Opera and R. Kelly cabaret but also Neal Medlyn’s Land of Make Believe, an Internet-TV kids’ show about stuffed animals with sex issues—has created another profane program to add to his repertoire: Neal Medlyn’s Unpronouncable Symbol, a take on the androgynous inner struggles of the one and only Prince, by way of an engaged cabbie and a holy-rolling libertine. Expect to hear Medlyn jam out to the standard hits and a good chunk of B-sides (bring on “Darling Nikki”) with some help from guest artist Kenny Mellman of Kiki & Herb.

Wed., July 9, 8 p.m., 2008