It’s true—Brits do it better. Case in point: the original British incarnation of The Office and Extras, both of which were spearheaded by Ricky Gervais, who apparently can do no wrong these days. When not busy creating hilarious shows about pompous losers, he keeps humble by blogging about his three (yes, three) movies under way—Ghost Town, This Side of the Truth (which also stars the very funny Stephen Merchant), and Men at the Pru––and performing his hilarious stand-up show, which kicks off a three-night run in the city tonight to sold-out crowds. It’s anyone’s guess what subjects Gervais will choose to skewer this time out, but perhaps we can glean a hint from his latest blog topic: McDonald’s. “I had a filet o’ fish and a chicken Caesar salad from McDonald’s for lunch. The fish and chicken were great. Obviously I didn’t try the actual salad. No Point.” With that sort of take on life, you’d think he’d tour more cities in the U.S., but as Gervais pointed out in a recent interview with W magazine: “I can sell out 5,000-seaters in New York and L.A., and probably couldn’t do an art center in Kansas.” Obviously.

Mon., July 14, 7:30 p.m., 2008