Going to the Dogs: Competitive Eating Edition


You can check out my profile of Eater X and Crazy Legs Conti here. And today there’s more breaking eating news, so let’s get to it, shall we?

Badlands Booker—eater, 7 train conductor and hip hop artist with albums such as Hungry and Focused: The Ingestion Engine—is apparently coming out of retirement for tomorrow’s big day. He won a qualifying contest (one of the last available) this past weekend, eating 27.5 dogs in 10 minutes.

And Gersh Kuntzman, at the Brooklyn Paper, is all hot under the collar about the fact that Kobayashi is being allowed to compete tomorrow without having won a qualifier. He’s getting a “sponsor’s exemption” claims the IFOCE. Kuntzman is not having it.

I might be willing to stomach the idea of a sponsor’s exemption under normal circumstances — but Kobayashi’s very ability to eat is under such a cloud that he might not even be worthy of being at the table at all this year.

Yowza! Check back here tomorrow for all the hot dog coverage you can stand.