The Weinstein Files: The Smoking Gun Notes that ‘Nicole Kidman Got Trashed’


If there are 8 million stories in the naked city, how many of them are related to Harvey Weinstein’s trash?

It’s looking like a bunch as Tony Ortega’s “Trash Talking with Harvey Weinstein” has illuminated quite a few dark corners of the entertainment mogul’s empire. Gawker seized upon an $8-million sponsorship squeeze-play for Project Runway, while the document-junkies at the The Smoking Gun remain fascinated by the details of a Nicole Kidman contract:


Proving again that you’ll never believe what can be found on the sidewalks of New York, The Village Voice this week reports on its discovery of a trove of confidential documents tossed from the office of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. The papers, sitting curbside in a recycling bin near Weinstein’s Tribeca office, included screenplays, call sheets, phone messages, and e-mails. As seen below, the Voice also found a 2007 deal memorandum covering Nicole Kidman’s appearance in the film “The Reader.”