The Worst Movie Ever Made Needs Your Help


Xanadu went from being a shitty 1980 disco fantasy flick starring Olivia Neutron Bomb to a hilarious Broadway spoof 28 years later to a big old communal singalong Friday and Saturday July 18 & 19 at midnight at the IFC Center! Yes, at those aggressively wacky events, you can try to drown out the insanity by singing over ELO, Gene Kelly, and even Olivia with the help of the lyrics they’ll hand you along with “a grab bag of props for interactive moments to coincide with the madness happening onscreen.” Do you dare to not only endure this ditsy, glittery crapfest one more time, but to actually become part of it? Even scarier, are you willing to immerse yourself in this turd so heartily that you risk realizing the score is actually damned good?

IFC Center, 323 Avenue of the Americas at West 3rd Street,