Although photographer Tod Seelie wasn’t too impressed with his first photo (a “cheesy” black-and-white that he shot in high school), he’s more than impressed audiences since then with his gritty shots for publications like Rolling Stone, Vice, and Adbusters. Tonight, Seelie—who most recently followed the Fuck Yeah Festival—launches his first solo show, Slow Dancing to Slayer, at Cinders Gallery, which includes a range of photos from protests to mosh pits to desolate landscapes that express his love affair with danger (he was once kidnapped in Brazil). One of the more striking photos in the show is that of a man bleeding from the mouth, screaming, and holding a crowbar on top of a car at a Black Label Bike Kill event, where a crowd of angry cyclists demolished the vehicle. Says Seelie: “It was pretty intense, with parts of the car flying everywhere, people screaming, jumping onto the car, smashing glass. I like the image because it seems to have a fraction of the chaos and catharsis that seemed to be taking place.”

Thu., July 17, 6 p.m., 2008