Skateboard photography has long been the stuff of sweaty boys flying over stairs and grinding rails. But L.A.-based artist and skater Lia Halloran’s new solo photography exhibition, Dark Skate, turns the gritty genre into something quite beautiful to look at. From the L.A. riverbed to the streets of downtown, Halloran—who has an MFA in painting and printing from Yale—shreds the pavement with a bike light strapped to her wrist, while photographer Meredyth Wilson captures her movements using time-lapse photography. The results are what Halloran calls “self-portraits,” even though all you can see are the white trails of light zigzagging across the urban landscape. Provided she steers clear of all the occupational hazards of her chosen art (like broken bones and run-ins with the police), Halloran will be in attendance at tonight’s opening party from 6 to 8 p.m.

July 23-Sept. 13, 2008