Dragon Fruit Season in Chinatown


Dragon fruit are in season (somewhere!) and the street fruit vendors in Chinatown have them right now, and will have them for another six weeks or so. They’re about $3.50 a pound.

Dragon fruit are so gorgeous to look at that their taste can be a bit of a let down. Not that they aren’t tasty—they’re just a lot milder than they look. The texture is similar to a kiwi, with tiny black seeds scattered throughout white-ish flesh. It tastes like a cross between a pear and a kiwi, and is very refreshing.

I like to eat mine straight, but you could certainly toss them into a fruit salad or a salsa. In assertively flavored company, they’d provide texture more than anything else. Apparently, (so the vendor tells me) they are also good for the skin.

Anyone have something else you like to make with dragon fruit?