Voice Choice: Lost: How a Certain TV Mega-Hunk Stole My Identity


When you look like actor Josh Holloway (tall, blond, chiseled face, and cut-up abs) and you’re considered to be the hot guy in the TV series Lost, life can be pretty sweet. But when you’re Josh Halloway (scrawny, brown, puffy hair, glasses)—also an actor—you’ve apparently got a lot of explaining to do. Halloway does just that with Lost: How a Certain TV Mega-Hunk Stole My Identity, a show in which he discusses the hardships of being himself. Halloway did consider changing his name to Josh Joshoway, but then he’d lose out on all the perks: more auditions, reservations at fancy restaurants, and actually having dates (although it quickly turns into a “Who are you again?” situation). “I think there’s more than enough room in this world for the two of us to peacefully co-exist,” he says. “And I really hope, one day, he and I can go to coffee and talk about that.” DNA totally messed with the wrong man. At 8, the PIT, 154 West 29th Street,, $10 ARACELI CRUZ