Zero Mostel, David Amram, Hal Holbrook — It’s Obies 1959!


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May 27, 1959, Vol. IV, No. 31

600 Jam Gate for 4th Annual ‘Obies’

The expectations had ranged from 300 to 400 spectators for the 4th annual “Obies.” The actuality ranged from 500 to 600. They packed the Village Gate last Monday afternoon to the last inch of capacity and far beyond, the great and near great of the theatre world side by side with ordinary citizens of Greenwich Village and hundreds of friends of The Village Voice. Kim Stanley quietly projected all her glowing warmth in presenting the parchments to the winners, and the whole affair was a smashing success, the best in the four-year tradition of the awards.

Village Voice Off-Broadway Awards
Season 1958-1959

Best Actor: Alfred Ryder (‘I Rise in Flame, Cried the Phoenix”)
Best All-Around Production: ‘Ivanov’ (produced by Daniel Hineck and Harlin Quist)
Best Actress: Kathleen Maguire (‘The Time of the Cuckoo’)
Best Director, foreign play: William Ball (‘Ivanov’)
Best Director, American plays: Jack Ragotzy (Arthur Laurents cycle)
Best Musical: ‘A Party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green’
Best New Play: ‘The Quare Fellow’ by Brendan Behan
Best Revue: ‘Diversions’ by Steven Vinaver
Best Open-Stage Set: David Hays (‘The Quare Fellow’)
Best Proscenium Set: Will Stevens Armstrong (‘Ivanov’)
Best Music: David Amram (many productions)
Best Lighting: Nikola Cernovich (many productions)
Distinguished Performances (actors): Zero Mostel (‘Ulysses in Nighttown’), Lester Rawlins (‘The Quare Fellow’), Harold Scott (‘Deathwatch’)
Distinguished Performcances (actresses): Rosina Fernhoff (‘Fashion,’ ‘The Geraniium Hat’), Anne Fielding (‘Ivanov’), Nancy Wickwire (‘A Clearing in the Woods’)
Special Citation: Hal Holbrook (‘Mark Twain Tonight!’)

Judges: Kenneth Tynan, Henry Hewes, Jerry Tallmer

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