Another Hollywood Wacko Tries To Shed Her Edge


I love me a Hollywood oddball more than anything, and I’m always shattered to learn that most of them are trying to crawl out from under that and become generic matinee idols. I once wrote a gushy portrait of Christina Ricci about how she dared to be different by taking quirky roles and by looking mildly offbeat with a hint of pudginess and some genuine idiosyncrasy. I thought she’d be thrilled with the article, but I don’t think so; she was in the process of losing weight and trying to refashion herself as a mainstream sexpot!

And now another favorite of mine, Selma Blair, is trying to take the leap from weirdo to windup. According to, “the Hellboy star fears she has been typecast after taking on a number of quirky roles, including massive-breasted nightclub dancer Caprice Stickles in A Dirty Shame. The 36-year-old insists she has a glamorous side and is desperate to show it off to casting directors. Blair says, ‘I guess I courted it (being stereotyped) somehow…I’ve taken pretty odd roles. I really wanted to be the pretty girl–glamorous, sweet, pretty, sexy. everything I’m not seen as’.”

God, can’t someone just be happy with being a fucking freak anymore?