Flo, She Did Know


Florence Ballard was the founder and lead singer of the Primettes, the ’60s Detroit girl group which went on to become the Supremes, starring the wily and successful Diana Ross. Flo had to stand back as Diana not only took center stage (brilliantly, I might add), but often treated her spiritual sister with a scorn that made her wonder “Where did our love go?” That’s according to the amazing book The Lost Supreme, The Life of Dreamgirl Florence Ballard by Peter Benjaminson, which uses Flo’s own words to detail her soulful journey to the top and her sad, unrhythmic spiral back downwards. (She died in 1976, “a lonely mother of three, just barely recovered from years of poverty and despair.”) You will absolutely love the crushed optimist Flo after reading this riveting book. In fact, you will end up singing “And I am telling you she’s not going to be forgotten!” As for Diana? Well, Flo is quoted as saying “How much spotlight does that woman need?”