Yup, We’re Still Talking About A-Rod: The Toronto “Summit”


It’s the eve of the All-Star Game, and both papers feature the Yankees on the front page, apropos because Yankee Stadium is the site of this year’s midsummer classic. But, the baseball story weighing heavily on the tabloid’s minds continues to be the marital strife saga of Yankee Alex Rodriguez and his wife Cynthia. The Daily News claims an exclusive on news that the Rodriguezes met with Alex’s former agent Scott Boras in an attempt to broker a truce between the couple.

Boras, or “Bora$,” as he is sometimes referred to on sports blogs, is the agent who is notorious for getting his clients millions of dollars when it’s time to renegotiate. Rodriguez fired him last year after Boras released news that Rodriguez was opting out of his Yankees contract during last year’s World Series. Rodriguez hired Madonna’s agent Guy Oseary soon after.

The Daily News reports the three met Saturday in Toronto, where the Yanks were playing the Blue Jays. The News‘ unnamed source also said that Boras and Cynthia Rodriguez “may have” met alone. The Post also covers this development, but without the source, noting that there was a “suspected meeting” between the three.

According to the News‘ unnamed source, Boras “seems to be [in Toronto] with the blessing of the Yankees’ front office, which is ironic, considering that Boras held up George Steinbrenner for millions,” a reference to A-Rod’s contract negotiations last year. “But apparently the front office welcomes anyone who can get A-Rod’s mind back on baseball.” Amen to that!