Freaky Friday on a Tuesday? Black Widow Grandmothers, Missing Legs and More


Reading through the Post and Daily News felt more like perusing the supermarket tabloids than regular newspapers. There are way too many bizarre, fantastic stories today. The only way to do the weirdness any justice is to provide a rundown.

Let’s start with the dog that came back after five years away from home. The Post introduces us to Rocco, a beagle who went missing back in 2003 when Queens resident Natalie Villacis was only 5 years old. Little Natalie was really upset about Rocco’s disappearance to the point that she refused to throw away his favorite stuffed cat. The family got a poodle mix named Bonita in 2004, but Villacis pined for Rocco. Fast-forward to last weekend, when the Villacises received a phone call that Rocco had been found—in Georgia. He was dropped off in a shelter and the facility scanned for a microchip, which had the family’s contact info. Rocco was reunited with the Villacises, and Bonita is getting used to having another dog in the house.

One thing that was lost and has not been found is Scott Listemann’s prosthetic leg. The Daily News reports Listemann lost the leg while skydiving in Gardiner, NY, about a month ago. Listemann noticed the leg was missing after he pulled the cord on his chute. He thinks that sweat from his stump may have made the leg slip off. There’s a reward for anyone who finds his prosthetic. And finally, what you really wanted to know, courtesy of the Daily News:

“Oh, and if you’re wondering how he lands on one foot—he doesn’t. He slides in on his side.”

The Post has an exclusive on an MTA campaign to stamp out subway perverts that hasn’t been implemented because of concerns the ads might actually cause an increase in groping and frottage. The campaign is based on a similar one in Boston that shows a woman in a crowded subway car with the caption, “Rub against me and I’ll expose you.” The headline? “POSTERS RUB MTA WRONG”.

If you think you’re too old to go on that road trip, then read the Daily News‘s story about Buddy Rosenbaum, 71, and Bob Chase, 72. The two pals completed a cross-country road trip on scooters yesterday when they landed in Times Square. The pair took off from San Francisco June 13 and traveled the Lincoln Highway. They hope to travel the Alaska Highway next.

The Post devotes a page to the 76-year-old “Black Widow” from North Carolina who, according to the headline left, “Five dead hubbies, one slain son along ‘greedy’ granny’s trail of blood.” Apparently people close to Betty Neumar tend to wind up dead. Her grandson became suspicious when she took a $100,000 life insurance policy out on him and named herself the beneficiary. Her son Gary Flynn died in 1985. The initial ruling was a suicide, but investigators are re-opening the case.

Finally, the A-Rod divorce saga continues. Both papers report that Cynthia Rodriguez has requested from Alex Rodriguez in a court document “all written memorabilia, reports and photographs submitted to you or your attorney by any person other than yourself.” Cynthia thinks Alex may have been spying on her. More hilarious, however, is the Post‘s two photos of A-Rod ogling some random woman on the street.