The Truth Behind ‘Beaver’ Shots and Who Owns Your Tofurky?


A web site touting the amenities in The Beaver House, a new building by developer Andre Balazs, features avideo of girls pillow-fighting among other delights. The sales gimmick, dubbed The Beaver Butler, allows owners to monitor their apartments while they are away through video surveillance, light control and more, but it is more likely residents would actually see camera shots of overworked finance employees watching a commercial for Girls Gone Wild than actually watching the real thing. [New York Observer]

The complex web of the organic industry is penetrated in these telling graphics showing both independent brands as well as introductions and acquisition from the largest food companies worldwide. Find out where your Tofurky comes from. [Culture Kitchen]

Recent construction on Broadway between 42nd street and Herald Square will create a protected bike lane and “esplanade” with roadside seating. In a formally unannounced move, the city hopes to turn the section of Broadway into a two-lane street as part of greening efforts since the failure of Bloomberg’s congestion pricing bill. [onNYTurf]

Yuppies recently are thinking twice before moving to the city, crying “anything would be easier than New York” as the financial sector hits hard times. A Forbes survey shows that New York City dropped from first to fourth in upward mobility. [EV Grieve]

The building on the northeast corner of 12th street and Avenue A has a sign reading “For Rent,” yet there’s nothing left of the building except its frame and a bit of the first floor exterior walls. Posted permits state only “interior renovation” and “replacement of non-load bearing brick walls” which apparently meant nearly every single inch of wall. Is it time for a new condo? [Vanishing New York]

The Brooklyn Bridge is considered a terrorist target according to Dick Morris in a video from CSPAN-2. While fascinating, is this something to publicize? [Brooklyn Heights Blog]