What’s Your Most Embarrassing Staple Meal?


Recently, Michael Ruhlman asked readers of his blog what their staple home-cooked meals are—the ones that you make again and again because they’re easy, quick and you just really enjoy them. He says roast chicken with potatoes and green beans is his most-cooked meal, and asks readers to chime in with theirs.

I’m always interested in this question (see “What’s for Dinner,” the recurring feature on this blog). And I always wonder if people answer honestly. I think if you stop someone on the street and ask them what they’re having for dinner tonight, they might be more likely to answer you candidly than if they’re sitting in front of their computer, typing up something that is (maybe) more aspirational.

I mean, I’d hate for people to know how often I open a can of refried beans, spoon it into store-bought tortilla and call it a day. I do not, for instance, come home on a Monday night and make homemade pasta or pho.

The responses on Ruhlman’s blog are pretty interesting. For one thing, it turns out that most of us roast a chicken at least once a week. And I don’t doubt that plenty of us are roasting chickens and making lovely grilled fish on a regular basis. But everyone’s also got that meal that they make when they can barely manage to push the buttons on the microwave.

So my question to you is this: What’s your most embarrassing go-to meal? Go on, I told you mine.