From 1965 to 1966, L.A.’s Sunset Strip crawled with a party-hard youth culture drawn to big-name acts like the Doors, Frank Zappa, and Love. Struggling to maintain its hip status, Hollywood responded by cranking out a string of films—set amid the celebrities, teenage partiers, and go-go dancers of the Strip—that are now getting a revival as a part of the IFC Center’s Waverly Midnights new series, Riot on Sunset Strip: Rock Rebellion and Hollywood Hippies. It kicks off tonight with Wild in the Streets (1968), the story of a young anarchist turned pop star who runs for the White House on a platform promising 14-year-olds the vote. Other highlights include Riot on Sunset Strip, a B-movie about a police captain assigned to crack down on the Strip’s troublemakers (including his daughter), and You Are What You Eat, featuring Zappa, David Crosby, and Tiny Tim.

Sat., July 26, midnight, 2008