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Well, no one’s exactly Making The Wire anymore, are they? This Museum of the Moving Image–sponsored panel discussion featuring the show’s creator, David Simon; one of its best writers, novelist Richard Price; and a handful of cast members—let’s call ’em Beadie, Carver, and Gus Haynes, because that’s who they’ll forever be—is a bittersweet prospect, to say the least. The Wire, which wrapped up its fifth and final season earlier this year, is as fine a work of narrative fiction masquerading as urban social critique in the guise of an episodic long-form television show as you will ever watch, and it’s the feeling that no one will ever surpass what Simon accomplished here that makes the postmortems so sad. One reason to go is merely to applaud in person, the TV set not being much of a two-way medium. Another is to see a room full of whip-smart people riff one more time on urban blight, the drug trade, the maddening comedy of large bureaucracies, and dudes named Cheese. It’s all in the game, right?

Wed., July 30, 7 p.m., 2008