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The annual skate-punk road show known as the Vans Warped Tour has broadened its horizons the past few summers to include lots of acts who don’t pray (exclusively) at the altar of NOFX: This year, Warped features electro-emo party starters Cobra Starship, Top 40 alt-rap goofballs Gym Class Heroes, psychobilly believers HorrorPops, Malibu mack daddy Shwayze, and even Katy Perry, the bubbly “I Kissed a Girl” girl. Of course, loud and fast still rules—the lifers in Pennywise are but a handful of the many true-school students you’ll see cursing authority figures today. But Warped for sure offers more than meets the eye: Don’t miss Against Me!, the most exciting punk band in the country right now, and Say Anything, the most hilariously self-indulgent.

Sat., July 26, noon, 2008

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