“Someday, you’ll find everything you’re looking for,” sang Neil Young on his much-lauded 2003 concept album Greendale. If “everything you’re looking for” was actually a theatrical version of Young’s rock opera, then congratulations, because “someday” is right now. Ice Factory, a summer festival of new work, has invited Dallas’s Undermain Theater to perform their celebrated adaptation of Neil Young’s Greendale (a rock opera), complete with live music. Directed by Katherine Owens, the show concerns members of the Green family, small-town residents who face down corporations, mass media, and environmental disaster. Ice Factory—a cool event housed in Soho’s uncomfortably warm Ohio Theater—will continue with Matthew Mayer’s Heistman, Robert Lyons’s Red-Haired Thomas, Sponsored by Nobody’s WMD (Just the Low Points), and Victory at the Dirt Palace by the extraordinary performance ensemble the Riot Group.

Sat., July 26, 8 p.m., 2008