If You’re Thinking of Living in Woodside…


Queens Crap gets a letter from “Community Action Queens, a new block group of a sort that has developed because of increasing violence on 50th Street between Skillman and 43rd…

“This hangout has brought screaming at all hours of the night (sometimes until 6 or 7am), gunshots, fireworks, drug dealing and using, fighting, and broken car windows/building doors.”

Queens Crap reproduces a related flyer, reposted for easier reading at Let’s Meet Up In Queens, which adds “fighting with baseball bats,” “parking illegally in the driveway next to the laundromat,” and “Intimidating and threatening behavior” to the list of complaints, and encouraging citizens to report these incidents to the 108th Precinct.

The NYPD reported 21 crimes in the 108th for July 7-13, including 1 rape, 2 robberies, 5 felony assaults, and 11 grand larcenies. Sounds bad, but that’s roughly a seven percent decline from last year. The 75th (East New York, Cypress Hills) reported 72 crimes in the same period; The 101st — which includes Far Rockaway, and which the New York Daily News said “leads all city stationhouses in the percentage increase of serious crimes” in January — had only 9.