There’s no denying what happens when this band gets on a stage—the insipid lyrics drop away, the thin gimmicks (Magnetic Fields covers, cowbell) get thick, and the point becomes obvious. !!!, New York’s disco-rock saviors turned serious, propulsive songwriters on last year’s Myth Takes, turn it out live, plain and simple. Whereas the septet’s now-defunct sister band, Out Hud, did all the interesting things with melody and rhythm and time, !!! have always been closer to the thing itself: dance music, of the variety that people actually dance to. Now that they don’t have to save music in this city (R.I.P. NYC’s dance-rock craze of ’04), !!! are free to be entertainment again—a more enduring kind of local resource. With Modey Lemon.

Sun., July 27, 9 p.m., 2008

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