Major League: Cop Busted for Steroids


As a perhaps unintentional tribute to last night’s All-Star Game, the New York Daily News reports that the NYPD has dismissed an officer who tested positive for steroids.

Officer Daniel Zehrer is “vigrously contesting” the charge, a PBA attorney told the News. Zehrer was suspended without pay on July 1, the first day of NYPD testing.

Zehrer is the first officer dismissed in an anti-steroid drive that began last fall with the announcement that six cops were being investigated for steroid abuse. The Village Voice reported in December that steroids were certainly more widely used on the Force: “The Voice has learned that the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office knows of 29 cops and at least 10 NYPD civilian employees — all well under the age of 60 — who have received prescriptions for hypogonadism. The treatment for it just happens to be steroids.”

This is an issue because, as the Voice reported in a follow-up this month, some police busts have been tainted by allegations that the arresting officers were suffering “‘roid rage” when they nabbed their suspects.

There’s nothing about this at the PBA website, but at THEE RANT, the successor site to cop site NYPD Rant, posters are generally unsympathetic to steroid prosecution of cops. “If they can scrape up a million bucks extra a year to try and screw us, why can’t they find it to help us?” wrote Douch Bigelow in an April discussion. “Until they start testing firefighters, teachers, san-men, etc,” wrote NYPDiddy, “we should get additional compensation for our (necessary) loss of privacy.”