A Kenny Chesney show is like a vacation for people who don’t allow themselves vacations—for a few hours, you can pretend you’re on a Caribbean island (at an all-inclusive, of course, heaven forbid you explore further), sip a little Cruzan Rum, and let the man serenade you with fantasies about trips you’ll never take. But don’t trust the aww-shucks demeanor and the non-threatening voice—they’re deceptive. Chesney is a strong interpreter of songs, too, with a crack band behind him. Too bad his crowd only wants him for his lullabies. Opening for Chesney is former child star LeAnn Rimes, who has grown into one of country music’s most unique talents—her voice has developed a bluesy edge, and her song selection is growing increasingly eccentric.

Thu., July 24, 7:30 p.m., 2008