Murder in Marine Park


Their life almost sounded like a sitcom: a divorce lawyer and his mediator wife who were madly in love. The story came to a tragic end yesterday when Mark Schwartz and Christina Petrowski-Schwartz were both found shot to death in the bedroom of their Marine Park home. The Daily News makes the story the main focus of the front page, with the banner headline, “SHOT IN THEIR BED.” Inside pages 4 and 5 is full coverage of the gruesome murder, with 10 reporters covering the story. The Post‘s coverage is considerably smaller, with one piece on page 21, with six reporters working on the case.

One article concentrates on the details of the crime, the scene of which was discovered by the Schwartz’s cleaning lady around noon yesterday, according to the News. The Post puts the discovery at around 1 p.m. This is not the only tidbit where the coverage in the two papers differs. The Post reports, “While it was being investigated as a double homicide, detectives had not entirely ruled out the possibility it was a murder-suicide.” The Daily News, meanwhile cites a police source that says investigators were “paying particular attention to the couple’s business associates,” and says another source claims the Schwartzes were about to fire someone in their office.

The News also features a “photo exclusive” of the couple, as well as photos of Petrowski-Schwartz’s two children from a previous marriage, the housekeeper and her son, the removal of the bodies and a map illustrating exactly where the crime took place. (The News refers to Marine Park as a “middle-class enclave of tidy single-family bungalows and attached frame houses” where “violent crime is rare.”) The Post‘s photos include removal of the bodies and one of “a woman who claimed to work for [the Schwartzes].”

Our verdict: The News had the scoop, and much more in-depth coverage. We’ll see if it continues as this bizarre story unravels.