SO GAY: When Did You Know?


Here’s an age-old question: nature vs. nurture? The chicken or the egg? Born gay or made that way? Tonight, a handful of theater artists will explore the very moment the desire to turn vegan—and bump uglies—became too strong to ignore at When I Realized I First Liked Girls, part of the HOT! Festival at Dixon Place. Enjoy song, dance, video, and monologues by talented downtown queers, such as Faye Driscoll, Laryssa Husiak, Joseph Keckler, and Voice staffer Sharyn Jackson. Then, if all the Indigo Girls tunes (inevitable at an event like this) spark a memory of your own, audience members will have the opportunity to share their stories between acts. Thursday 7.17 — At 8, also Saturday, Dixon Place, 258 Bowery, 2nd Floor, 212-219-0736,, $15